Meet the dopamine-driven designer!

Gabrielle Mabazza is a Manila-based graphic designer and illustrator channeling optimism and empowerment through buoyant colors and dynamic figures.

Her works has attracted both global and local clients such as Facebook, Canva, Quarto Press, College Music, and San Mig Light.

During her downtime, she is on a quest for her next tattoo idea (don’t tell her mom) or cuddling with her six dogs.

Let's smash a project together! 👌️🌈️

Volunteer Work

The Lakambini


GOFY: For Art's Sake | Singapore (Group Show), 2021

Public Speaking

Art and Action: Cultivating Dialogue for Social Change Miriam College, 2021

LAYON: Intersectionality of Graphic Design and the Education Sector
Habilin PH, 2021

TUKLAS Career Fair
The Initiative PH, 2020


Awakening Minds by Dr. David J. Wallace, published by Quarto Press

World of Useless Stickers: Volume Zero, published by GOFY

Halika Hija zine, published by The Lakambini


DesignRush Best Design Trends
The Best Cookies Logo Designs, 2023

National Campus Press Olympiad 
Top 5 Finalist, 2021

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